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NOTE: The company is closed down 2012, this web page remains only as a historical reference!



 Mats Berggren started the company as MB-Electronics in the city Trollhattan in Sweden with production of electric guitar stomp boxes.
The photo below shows a prototype of the optcal compressor with carefully tuned performance:

MB_compressor prototype

The company went over to music recording, and the first recording studio with 4 tracks was built in the center of Trollhattan 1985.
The studio expanded some years later to 8 tracks and moved to a new location just outside the city, the name changed to MB-recording.
A lot of local bands recorded their own material or covers in these two studios,
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All recording  and mastering was done on analog tape in line with that time and for best sound quality.
The studio had good microphones and important was also to prioritize the musicians mood.

Mats continued 1990 as freelansing recording engineer instead of having his own studio.
The recordings were mainly done at Studio Hovik (24 channels) and Studio Eko (16 channels).

No recordings have however been done since many years – the company was closed down in February 2012.

photos from MB-recording 8-channel studio:

 Control Room                                  Drums
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